Normas de Valuación Internacionales:
Normas Internacionales de Valuación 2003  
Measurement Bases for Financial Accounting - Measurement on Initial Recognition - May 2006
The Valuation of Real Estate Serving As Collateral for Securitised Instruments - July 2006
Determination of Fair Value of Intangible Assets for IFRS Reporting Purposes - July 2007
A Report of the International Valuation Standards Committee's - Critical Review Group issued for comment - October 2007
Valuación de Intangibles - Foro de Innovación 2007
The role of Valuation Standards during the Financial Crisis - April 2009
Valuation of Intangible Assets - 2009
Valuation Standards around the World - International Valuation Congress 2009
Fair Value Measurement ED/2009/5
The IVSC: the challenge of developing global valuation standars - 2009
Valuation of Intangible Assets - 2010
The Valuation of Investment Property under Construction - 2010